If you would like write for Pakistan’s Growth Story, please observe the following:

– Articles should strive to be under 1200 words.

– While posts should not be overly simplistic, they should be as simple as possible and minimize jargon.

– Posts can be critical, but they should never be overly polemical. Arguments should be fair and backed by evidence, and counter-arguments should be considered and responded to.

– As this is a blog about development in Pakistan, the subject matter is very broad: Issues in areas such as economics, government, the environment, law and gender are all possible. Any subjects works as long as it is relevant to Pakistan’s economic and human development.

– Issues specific to professional work in development are also welcome. The challenges of conducting research, field experiments, surveys, working with stakeholders, getting grants and implementation are all acceptable topics as long as the particular issue being discussed is interesting.

– You can also submit a piece that falls under one of the following themes:
a. Studies You Should Know. Brief “explainers” of important research written for anybody to understand.
b. Development Reads. Reviews of books relevant to development policy.
c. Q&A with .  . . An interview feature.
d. Field Notes. An account of an experience working in the field by a researcher, NGO worker, civil servant or other relevant professional.

All submissions should be emailed to